Opinion: Short Term Rentals (Air BNB) Are A Bad Idea For Las Vegas

Clark County reports issuing 13 citations in the last week to homeowners operating illegal short-term rental properties in unincorporated Clark County before the Super Bowl.

In our Editorial opinion we think this is a great move by the city to protect residents from housing inflation. If you are a mom-and-pop homeowner, our stance is not against you. But what happens when a realty corporation comes and buys 1,000 houses to list on AirBNB which makes less availability and inflates the rental or buying costs for those who have been here for years?

We have seen that type of gentrification harm other cities, and its nice to see Las Vegas have somewhat of a handle on it. Last month alone a Wall Street firm bought 264 homes in one day for rentals:

As more corporations are trying to profit off these homes, it is increasing the difficulty of Nevadans becoming first time homeowners.

The only thing worse for locals trying to buy homes than rental corporations (or even rent affordably) is AirBNB investors. 10,000 homes put up for short term rentals is 10,000 families that will be gentrified from Las Vegas.

While we as an outlet are very free market minded and capitalistic, these type of socialistic limits are the only way to preserve Las Vegas from being gentrified.

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