Jeweler robbed in Uber after leaving Las Vegas Strip convention

On Tuesday evening, Las Vegas police responded to a robbery involving a man in an Uber after he had left a jewelry convention at a resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to initial reports, police arrived at the intersection of Tropicana and Paradise around 5:15 p.m. The victim reported being robbed while stopped at a red light. He was in an Uber after attending the International Watch & Jewelry Guild Expo at Planet Hollywood.

The police stated that multiple suspects exited a white minivan and approached the rideshare vehicle. They punctured the vehicle’s tires, shattered a passenger window with a bat, and used a stun gun on the victim before stealing a bag filled with valuable watches.

Fox5’s Kim Passoth interviewed a jeweler who experienced a similar robbery in 2021 after leaving the same show in an Uber.

In October 2021, the International Watch and Jewelry Guild show took place at the now-closed Tropicana. Raimond Irimescu from Sacramento, California, typically ships his merchandise home and travels with a group, but he was in a rush to leave early that day.

His Uber was still in the parking lot when the robbery occurred. In just 45 seconds, the thieves stole watches worth $1 million.

Irimescu told FOX5, “A small SUV came up behind us and then a white minivan blocked us from the front… they had masks, gloves, and bulletproof vests… One person immediately broke the driver’s window and another broke my window in the back, both threatening us with weapons. The person on my side had a gun.”

Irimescu also attended the recent show in Las Vegas that ended on Tuesday. He explained that these shows are crucial for his livelihood, so he continues to attend but now comes armed.

The suspects from both Tuesday’s robbery and the 2021 incident have not been apprehended.

Irimescu is suing Tropicana and Uber for the 2021 robbery.

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