Man Stung in Nads by Scorpion While Sleeping at Las Vegas Resort

A holiday guest at The Venetian got a Christmas present he will never forget. You may never forget it, either.

Michael Farchi of Agoura Hills, Calif. said he woke up in agony in his suite at 8 a.m. on Dec. 26, 2023.

“I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area,” Farchi told KLAS-TV/Las Vegas. “It felt like a sharp glass or a knife.”

Upon investigating in the bathroom, Farchi said he saw one of the last things anyone wants to see hanging off their underpants.

“Everybody was in shock, nobody believed,” Farchi said. “Even I couldn’t believe it.”

Farchi said he didn’t think to ask how the scorpion could have gotten into his suite.

“It was just under my cover,” he said.

Great Balls of Fire

Farchi filed a private report filed with the Strip property that detailed the incident, including his visit to a hospital where he was officially diagnosed with … wait for it … a scorpion sting in the testicles.

According to Farchi, the resort comped his room when he left on the morning of Dec. 27. However, after consulting with an attorney, Farchi believes that this wasn’t fair enough compensation for his pain and suffering.

Next to the question on the Venetian’s report asking, “What, if any, injuries did you sustain?” Farchi wrote, “a lot of pain.”

Farchi and his attorney, Brian Virag, told KLAS that they are “considering legal action.” It can safely be assumed that going public with the complaint now is their way of seeking a settlement.

A rep for The Venetian told KLAS-TV that the resort “has protocols for all incidents and we can confirm they were followed in this incident.”

All uncomfortable humor aside, scorpion stings can be serious injuries. A six-year-old girl died of one in Morocco in 2021, despite medical intervention.

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